Larry Helminiak for

House of Delegates, District 9B



My name is Larry Helminiak and I’m running for the Maryland House of Delegates.

People ask me, “Why are you doing this?  You’re retired.  You can sit back, take it easy, and enjoy your grandchildren.”  But when I look at those Grandchildren I can’t help but be scared of what they have to look forward to.

When I first went to work in 1958, the average family of four paid 14% of its income in local, state and federal taxes.  Today it’s over 50%.  What will it be when my grandchildren are ready for work?

It took until 1968 for Maryland’s budget to reach $ 1 billion.   When my first grandchild was born, in 2001, it was almost $ 20 billion.  In his short life of nine years, it’s over $ 32 Billion.  By the time he graduates high school, he and his peers will owe more than they can ever pay.

I could sit back and watch, and complain – or I could actually do something about it.  I’ve decided to do just that.   I will offer the people of this district an alternative.  It’s up to them whether or not they take it.

Though the Legislature is supposed to be a part time job, out of the 188 members of the legislature, only 15 own and run a private business with employees. (see Baltimore Sun article “Dearth of small-firm owners in Assembly is election issue”)

I learned that the Federal Government is not the solution to our problems and neither is the State of Maryland.  One out of every seven Marylanders is a Government Employee. Growing PRIVATE BUSINESS is the only way to get us out of this mess and having people with experience in growing a business is the only way to make that happen.

I have proudly signed the Americans for Tax Reform pledge, stating that I would never vote for a tax increase of any type, whether it’s called a tax, a fee or anything else.   

Some elected officials will claim they are tax cutters, yet vote FOR new taxes in other counties, calling it Legislative Courtesy.   Two years later they say it’s OK for Carroll County to have this new tax, since other counties have it.  They will tell you that they don’t sign pledges because it ruins their options.   I promise to never vote for any new taxes on any Marylanders.   How can they say that they are tax cutters, then vote for a state budget that requires the tax increases they say they are against?

One of the biggest problems Maryland has is that it is a sanctuary state.   You’ve heard about the multi-million dollar building just given to CASA of Maryland.   No matter who is governor, I would never vote to give state money to this organization.

It does matter who you send to Annapolis.  You can choose to send the same person you’ve sent for the last 8 years, and you’re going to get the same results you’ve seen for the last 8 years.  Or you can choose someone different, and you’re going to get something different. If you elect me, I will take the knowledge I have gained by spending my life in private business, creating jobs, and do my best to teach the other elected officials how to do it.

I need your vote and the votes of your neighbors.

The primary is on September 14th.  See you there!


Why am I running?

Larry Helminiak is for:

    •Limited government

    •Lower taxes

    •Fiscal responsibility

    •Individual freedoms


Makeup of elected officals in Annapolis:

Authority Friends of Larry Helminiak,  Michael T. Worthem, Treasurer

Thank you to all of those that volunteered during the campaign, for those of you who voted for me, and for those of you have expressed your kind words and thoughts to me throughout this campaign season.  It may seem crazy that someone would decide to run for office - to wave at cars for two hours each morning, to knock on over 1,600 doors, to miss family vacations, and to put yourself out there on display for the voters to choose or to not choose.  But I believed when I decided to run and I still believe today that this is a fight worth fighting.  There is a need for genuine conservatism not only in Carroll county but in Annapolis as well.  The House of Delegates results have still not been finalized, and I received the largest number of votes for the Central Committee and will be joined by a solid group of principled conservative voices for the next term.

Please accept my sincere thanks for everything.  It is truly humbling to witness the selfless dedication of those that supported me and the other candidates this year.  We can make a difference.